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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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a car beryl's into a crowded restaurant at dublin racist ran by a local tour bus operated, and camera reporting on a waste management workers strike tomorrow a car slams into a restaurant in dublin. injuring some of the people inside. good evening, i'm pam moore. the crash happened at the taqueria los pericos. which is a popular mexican restaurant off of village parkway.
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kron 4's philippe djegal has the latest. to a 56 year-old woman accidently drove her car through the restaurant upon arrival it was learned a 56 year old female driver was attempting to park her vehicle in the front of the business when she accidently accelerated, causing her car to crash through the front of the business. due to the time of the incident, the business had numerous patrons. six people inside the business were injured as a result of the incident. all six injured parties were transported to local hospitals. although several of the injured parties suffered serious injuries, none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. the driver of the incident is also receiving medical attention as a result of the accident. the investigation into the incident is on-going. anyone wishing additional information can contact lieutenant nate schmidt at 925-556-4540.
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in other big news. in the east bay. more than 100 waste management recycling workers will walk off the job and march on the picket lines starting early tomorrow morning. and as kron4's jeff bush explains why the workers are going strike. and jeff, how will the strike affect customers? the way smith and management officials say the strike is illegal the union hoping to represent the strikers will have success the stike announcement conjures up memories of the 2007 strike that lasted more than 30 days. garbage was piled up on the sidewalks for weeks while the company and the drivers fought it out. this strike announcement is different, though. the recyclers are represented by the international longshoreman's and warehouse workers union. more than 130 members will not go to work on friday.
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the company has made it clear that they will only do the minimum that is required of them recyclers are should be paid in a decent manner for their families as well as waste management person the waste management personnel will do the math minimum that they have to but will strike against everything else the strike will happen at 4:00 a.m., now the big thing is that
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whether the trash services will happen or not on to a developing story. an emergency room doctor who recently returned to new york after treating ebola patients in west africa. has tested positive for the virus. craig spencer, a member of 'doctors without borders'. returned from guinea. after a few days back in new york, thursday. he reported developing a 103- degree fever and diarrhea. and was rushed to manhattan's bellevue hospital. his marks the fourth ebola case in the nation. tonight. officials urged new york residents. not to be alarmed by the doctor's diagnosis. happening now the giants are gearing up for game- three of the world series. and san francisco police say they are gearing up too. and will be cracking down on anyone
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behaving badly. there will be it private undercover and uniformed officers both inside and outside the stadium this will be for public safety as well as for traffic control or illegal merchandising the giants and the royals arrived back in san francisco today. first pitch tomorrow. is at 5- 07. games four and five will also be played here at a-t-&-t park. the world series may be all about the big baseball games, but with those games. come a lot of parties. kro n4's j-r stone reports from san francisco, where the orange carpet was laid out and everyone at theworld series gala. was all about the giants. this is what look like when i arrived, they are rocking to the beat of the world series
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it is a very fine and exciting night i'm part very privilege and happy to be here these are my lucky beads and that it's also lucky toenail polish and lucky necklace and lucky everything certainly a good time out here at the world series a gala event there are some san francisco giants management but no players or coaches our sports director gary radnich have much more on the big game. coming up in sports.
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we are talking about the possibility for rain, north bay has a slight chance for showers but most showers will be far to the north of us the showers however could impact the world series game coming up. a tour bus company under fire after a racist tirade by one of its tour guides. was caught on camera. plus -- one of the people told me the officers apprehended all four suspects this man is being hailed hero. what he did to help police nab suspects in a mugging. also -- the water is still unsafe to drink in a neighborhood in san jose. when the problem is expected to be fixed.
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download the xfinity tv app today. the water in parts of san jose is still unsafe to drink tonight. and officials now say, it will take crews even longer to flush
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the system. than originally thought. it could take until sunday at the earliest, but possibly sometime next week before the problem is fixed. crews have been flushing the system with highly- pressurized, chlorinated water.which they say will kill the bacteria and any source of contamination. however, some residents are fed up. i think they need to pay all of the expenses that anybody had including taking off of working going to hospital i'm glad it's continuing but it makes it a little hard because i can do dishes or laundry or showers some families report becoming sick from the water system residents should use bottled or boiled water
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tonight, kron 4's dan kerman shows us the tirade. and has reaction from local officials. the expletive filled racist rant was posted to youtube earlier on tuesday as the city sightseeing tour bus travels through chinatown, the guide unloads on the area and its people here in america we don't eat turtles and frogs ok! you have to assimilate into american culture a little bit!! >> if you saw that, it was pretty disgusting to hear san francisco mayor ed lee, says his office has received a flood of angry calls since the video went viral
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company is going to have to make up for it, there is no way they can just say sorryi do think they have to demonstrate they are going to train their employees better. the company has agreed to additional training and in a statement company ceo christian watts, says: i deeply apologize to the residents of chinatown and san francisco, for the conduct of a former employee. comments made by this former employee on her last day of employment are absolutely not a representation of how much we love and support chinatown, and every other community in san francisco. the mayor says it's all about educating people not just in school and at work, but at home. that this type of intolerance is simply not acceptable >> the company has to recognize that they are in a diverse international city and this shouldn't go on , not in 2014, it should never happen supervisor david chiu released a statement today saying quote
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"i am incredibly saddened and disappointed that in 2014, we are still hearing this hurtful and stereotypical speech targeted at any group in our community." new at 11. fremont police have identified the armed robbery suspect. who prompted authorities to shut down traffic on interstate-880 last week. authorities believe. deandre mcleod escaped police and hid in nearby bushes, before he was picked up by an accomplice at the starbucks on mowry avenue near the freeway. investigators say, mcleod is wanted for snatching a gold chain off an elderly woman's neck, in the ardenwood neighborhood in fremont earlier this month. police say. when the victim's husband ran after the suspect. the man pointed a gun at him and fired two shots into the air. he is believed to be armed and dangerous. only on kron 4. a san francisco man's quick actions. helped police nab suspects in an attack on the
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streets. good samaritan - patrick traughber. took photos of the getaway car, after he saw a man get mugged. trauber says, the pictures helped police quickly track down and arrest the suspects. one of the police officers told me that within 20 seconds they had pulled the car over as a result of the pictures, feels really good to help out i was mugged for the first time about a month ago on vacation, thanks to a witness they were able to catch those guys it feels good to pay for a little bit we checked into this story after a viewer contacted us. if you have a story - you can visit our website at kron4-dot- com. look under the "my kron4 story" tab. and send us your idea. tomorrow, the highway and transportation district's board of directors. will meet to talk about possibly charging pedestrians and bicyclists. to
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use the sidewalk along the golden gate bridge. bridge officials are exploring the idea of something they are calling a "sidewalk access fee." they released the proposal monday. however, the idea is still considered in the concept stage. officials say. the sidewalk toll would help alleviate the 33- million dollar deficit the bridge currently faces. at the almost friday, here is a live look at the camera above our studios looking at the beautiful studio hall all lit up and torn to there is a very slim chance of things stand try tomorrow saturday rangs and showers some, they mainly dry great baseball weather tomorrow
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with lots of sunshine during 5:00 at the first pitch rejected 68 degree temperature we have a little drizzle up to the north bay, but further way for mass is where the showers mainly come from temperatures are mild in the mid-60s, temperatures were in the '60s '70s and '80s today friday night looks to be dry with increasing clouds over night with the rain saturday and then the rain changing to showers through saturday evening so could be wed for the giants game
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only a slight chance sunday morning of rain on the most likely dreyer the thursday's skies brought a treat to many throughout north america. a partial solar eclipse darkened sections of the sun earlier today. from the east coast to the west -- lucky stargazers who looked upwards with protected glasses -- got to see the rare phenomenon for themselves. in the bay area. people started seeing it around 2-this afternoon. it lasted until about 4:30. in sports. tim hudson reflects. on the eve of his first world series start in a 16- year career. . as the giants get ready for game three of the fall classic. gary has an update on tim lincecum's back. and all the sports. next
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good evening everybody the third game is always a pivotal one and it will happen tomorrow at&t park the giants stayed overnight after their loss to kansas city giants-royals workout today pablo sandoval and the giants returning to at&t park today where they will play the next three games tomorrow saturday and sunday bruce bochy looks relaxed madison bumgarner hunter pence
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and buster posey walking around giants take patting practice i've always hope and dreamed that this opportunity would happen for me, here i am on the eve of the world series game it's almost a relief to know that it's finally here what i have hoped and dreamed for throughout my whole career, and nobody be nobody on the field more ready than nine tim lincecum pitched for the first time in the postseason last night retired all 5 batters he faced but after landing awkwardly his back tightened up and he had to leave the game he had an mri and althought the team did not release the results lincecum was throwing today playing catch for about 5
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minutes a sign that the mri revealed no structural damage lincecum himself said it felt "normal" so it looks like he'll be able to go tomorrow if called on why pay for parking and damage prices when you can go to the internet and set on the couch and enjoy yourself all night watching it on our station sharks back at home after their east coast road trip 2nd period/ 2-2 tie sharks turn ot over and ryan johansen takes advantage with his 2nd goal of the period 3-2 blue jackets 3rd period/ 3-2 blue jackets joe pevelski scores his 2nd goal of the game assist joe thornton 3-3 tie columbus went on to beat san jose tonight
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los angeles lakers guard steve nash has been ruled out for the season with a back injury, putting the two-time nba mvp's career in doubt. the lakers and nash announced their decision today, less than a week before the start of the 40-year-old nash's 19th nba season. nash played in just 15 games last season he has won two mvp awards but he has played in just 65 games since the lakers traded four draft picks for him in 2012 aidman not over for this guy getting better and better and better at age 38, is the all- time leader in touchdown passes accomplished this past sunday night that manning 3 286 yds
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release the hounds. the new white house intruder, taken down by attack dogs. and a grateful nation. standing ovation for the sergeant of arms who stopped a terror massacre. then, he's going to be a- okay. new video of bentley the ebola dog. plus -- >> what the [ bleep ] -- >> the potty mouth princesses. the video that's upsetting so many people. >> [ bleep ] >> did you want it go too far? then, can you be scared to death in a halloween haunted house? >> they put a hood over me. >> wait till you hear what happened to this pretty teen. >> my daughter passed out.